VAS Properties

Our Core Business

Commercial Grade Real Estate Acquisitions:

Purchasing Commercial Grade Real Estate can be a very costly undertaking if done incorrectly.  However if done properly the opposite holds true making it a lucrative and profitable venture.  By taking measures such as always doing our due diligence throughout every step of the way, proper planning, understanding the local market, having a proper plan layout and choosing the right builders, VAS Properties has been successful and profitable in our current and past acquisitions.  And by keeping to this ideology we will continue to grow and expand our business into a successful one.

Property Management:

With our Property Management Services we treat your property as if it were our own property giving it the same thorough and detail orientated attention.  We will manage your commercial property, equipment, tooling and the physical stature of your property handling building up-keeps, repairs and maintenance of the property. 

Asset Management: 

Through our Asset Management Service we offer innovative strategies that are individualized for each of our customer’s in order to create a plan for each of their assets to reduce their operating cost and increase property value.  We assist in the accounting and planning of said asset in order to ensure sustainability and long-term improvement in addition to using our expertise and experience to design a plan to maximize the potential of your asset by increasing the occupancy while decreasing the operating cost.

Commercial Grade Real Estate Leasing:

Owning your own property can be very difficult and costly while tying up large quantities of capital.  That being said many companies are not in the position nor do they want to be in the position to do so.   VAS Properties understands and realizes this which is why we try to provide to our customers the best options and most competitive rates for our commercial spaces that are being leased out.